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Free Case Evaluation

To enable you to understand whether we can help your business resolve the issues that you are facing in France, our law firm offers a free evaluation of your case.

What is a Free Case Evaluation?


A free case evaluation will enable you to understand the issues you are faced with. Certain French law concepts have no equivalent in other jurisdictions and their understanding is not always intuitive.

To enable us to understand your case, we will ask you questions regarding your situation. We may also ask for relevant documents (such as contract, invoices, etc.). If you have been served summons to appear in court in France, we will ask you to send us a copy of the writ.

The documents and information you will provide will be used for the sole purpose of enabling us to determine whether we may help you. All information and documents which you may disclose to us in the framework of the Case Evaluation will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to any person, regardless of whether you mandate us to represent you or choose to work with another firm.

A free Case Evaluation will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions

The free case evaluation which may be provided by our firm is a chance for you to ask us questions, both about your case, and about our firm and experience. The main purpose of the Free Case Evaluation is for us to understand whether we can assist you and for you to assess whether we are the right attorneys for you.

Our Case Evaluations are Free and Confidential

All emails and phone calls with our attorneys are completely free of charge and confidential. They are covered by the attorney-client privilege which is absolute and perpetual.

We reserve the right not to provide a free Case Evaluation if your case does not fall within our realm of competence or if we determine that we will not be able to represent you for any reason. A free Case Evaluation is limited to 5 hours of our time.

Free Case Evaluation
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What We Do

We solve legal issues in France

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French Corporate Law

Company incorporation, Company dissolution, Share capital increase, Shareholder disputes, Director liability... 

French Commercial Law & Contracts

Distribution, Franchising, Sales Agency, Unfair Contract Terms, Unfair Competition, Breach of Contract...

French & EU Trademarks & IP

French & EU Trademark Registration, Management, Opposition & Surveillance, IP Protection, Trademark & IP Litigation...

Litigation & Dispute Resolution in France

Contractual litigation, tortuous liability, liability for defective products, breach of contract, payment collection, interim arrest of assets

French Employment Law

Employer obligations, posting of foreign employees to France, employee dismissals and redundancies...

French Tax Law

French corporate income tax, Taxation on dividends and corporate transactions, management package taxation, international treaties on avoidance of double taxation...

Meet the Team

Mariela Petrova_edited_edited.jpg

Mariela Petrova

Attorney at law registered with the Bar of Paris

Commercial law and contracts, Corporate Law, Litigation

Gala Paricheva.jpg

Gala Paricheva

Attorney at law registered with the Bar of Paris

Intellectual Property, French & EU Trademarks, GDPR, Litigation

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