Commercial law and commercial contracts

Commercial law and commercial contracts are a complex matter to the extent that the lawyer providing legal advice should be familiar not only with the applicable regulations, but also with the client’s business and market practice in the relevant industry sector.

Petroff law firm works with specialised French business lawyers who can assist you in the preparation and negotiation of complex commercial agreements, including:

We assist and advise companies on all aspects of commercial law, including on matters such as:

· Acquisition or disposal of goodwill

· Commercial agency contracts, rights and obligations of commercial agents

· Rights and obligations of distributors and franchisees, distribution and franchise agreements

· Unfair competition

· Abusive commercial practices

· Infringement of intellectual property rights

· Violation of exclusivity clauses

· Commercial litigation

· Commercial mediation

· International arbitration in commercial matters

· Drafting and negotiation of all types of commercial contracts

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